Residential Scaffolding in Barnham


Residential Property 


Barnham, West Sussex 

Summary of works:

Independent temporary roof structure to enable full roof rebuild following a devastating fire to the property. The Temporary roof meant works could continue to take place, whatever the weather, helping get the owners back in the property as soon as possible. The structure we had provided would offer a weather-tight solution whilst the works took place, also helping to stop further damage from water ingress. The roof will be up for around four to five months whilst works continue on the property.

Residential Scaffolding in West Sussex
Scaffolding Services in West Sussex
Scaffolding in West Sussex
Scaffolding Services in Barnham
Scaffolding in Barnham
Residential work in West Sussex
Residential Scaffolding Barnham

Residential Property, Brighton

Project Type:

Scaffolding to provide safe access for repair works on a residential property

Project Location:


Project Details:

CNM complete work for many commercial and residential jobs. We have recently completed a job for a residential property in Brighton. This was a project to ensure safe access for repair works on the property. An independent scaffold was installed to enable chimney access for these works, as well as fully boarded lifts to the front elevation of the property which helps to provide full and safe access for decoration and repair works. 

Key Highlights :

Client Satisfaction: CNM Scaffolding prioritised client satisfaction. We always want to ensure client satisfaction with all our jobs and ensure that we create minimal disruption with our work. 

Compliance with Legislation: CNM Scaffolding is committed to ensuring that all relevant scaffold legislation was adhered to. This included safety regulations, environmental standards, and other legal requirements that must be adhered to.

Scaffold Design: CNM Scaffolding provided a scaffold design that met the project’s specific needs, ensuring both safety and functionality. The scaffold was designed to accommodate safe access to chimney works and other decoration and repair works.