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C.N.M Scaffolding Services pride itself on delivering a high-quality service to all of our customers.

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C.N.M Scaffolding Services

Here at CNM Scaffolding, we offer a wide range of scaffolding services to suit your needs, and we specialise in both domestic and commercial work.

Do you need to restore, repair or carry out some maintenance to your building? C.N.M Scaffolding can help you create safe access to your property. Or maybe you are in the process of a building project, and the weather conditions are not allowing your build to move as quickly as you would like. A temporary roof could be the perfect solution for your business. We provide for hire and erect temporary roof scaffolding to shield from the elements throughout your construction project.
Are you managing a new build project? Whether you’re a construction company or an individual, we provide a wide range of scaffold designs for all new build sites. We offer an end-to-end service that gives our clients some peace of mind from the tendering stage to the erection of scaffolding, plus removal from the project. Whether you need scaffolding to support an extensive housing development or small home extension – we’re always delighted to help.
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cnmscaffolding Services

Commercial Scaffolding

Here at CNM Scaffolding, we also work on a lot of commercial scaffolding projects. The primary purpose of commercial scaffolding is to provide an elevated platform that enables workers safe access difficult-to-reach areas on commercial buildings. CNM Scaffolding has worked on a variety of large commercial buildings, including churches, shops and hotels as well as completing work on listed buildings. Our scaffolding services help to ensure worker safety by providing secure and safe access, handrails, and other safety features. As we are experienced scaffolding contractors, CNM Scaffolding has the skills, resources and equipment to deliver any project. Our Services expand throughout the commercial sector, and we are happy to discuss any project you have in mind. Get in touch with our team today for more information.  

Our Scaffolding Services

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cnmscaffolding Services

Safe Access for Maintenance and Repairs

With Safe Access and Repairs we offer a wide range of scaffolding systems to enable safe access to restore, repair and carry out maintenance.
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Temporary Roof

A temporary roof is usually used to create a weather protected covering for a building project. They are extremely beneficial as it means trades are able to continue work and not be governed by the weather.

New Build Developments

We provide scaffold designs for new build developments. Whether it’s for a construction company or an individual, we’ve got you covered.

Edge Protection and Handrails

Edge protection is designed to make it safer for people to work at a tall height and to stop a person from falling when working on a building. Handrails are erected to create a barrier for safety.
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