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Diary Farm Littlehampton

The Old Dairy, Littlehampton

Main Contractor:

PH Beck

Project Duration:

8 weeks per block

Project Type:

Erection of temporary scaffold structure for roofing works

Project Details:

CNM Scaffolding recently undertook a significant project, demonstrating our prowess in the industry. The journey began with a competitive tender process in which we submitted a comprehensive proposal to the client. Our dedication to excellence, cost-effective solutions, and unmatched expertise set us apart, ultimately securing the project. Upon winning the contract, CNM Scaffolding immediately embarked on the design phase. Our team meticulously crafted scaffold designs that met the unique needs of the project. These designs were not only functional but also optimised for cost-efficiency. Concurrently, we developed precise programme timelines that ensured a streamlined workflow throughout the project’s duration. The culmination of our efforts was the successful implementation of the project. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly over a 15-day period to erect the first phase of the scaffold structure. Our commitment to precision, safety, and efficiency ensured that the project was executed with excellence, meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Project Challenges:

The project required the erection of a temporary scaffold structure to support roofing works. The primary challenge was to ensure the scaffold met all safety and regulatory requirements while facilitating efficient roofing work. With the secondary block scheduled for erection in the next few months This continuity of workflow was crucial to meet the project’s deadlines and was meticulously planned. The challenge our teams also faced was working in a live environment, meaning that we had to ensure our team made allowances to work with the local residents to ensure that access was clear, and we were working within the working hours guidelines.

Key Highlights :

1. Client Satisfaction: CNM Scaffolding prioritised client satisfaction. Close collaboration with the client, PH Beck, ensured that the
project’s objectives were met, and the client was very pleased with the results.

2. Community Engagement: CNM Scaffolding worked closely with local residents to ensure their needs and concerns were addressed throughout the project. Open communication and community outreach played a vital role in maintaining a positive relationship with the residents.

3. Compliance with Legislation: CNM Scaffolding is committed to ensuring that all relevant scaffold legislation was adhered to. This included safety regulations, environmental standards, and other legal requirements.

4. Scaffold Design: CNM Scaffolding provided a scaffold design that met the project’s specific needs, ensuring both safety and functionality. The scaffold was designed to accommodate roofing works and provide a secure working platform for the roofing team.


The commitment to client satisfaction, community engagement, compliance with scaffold legislation, and the provision of a well-designed scaffold structure were the cornerstones of this project’s success. CNM Scaffolding looks forward to future projects and the opportunity to continue delivering high-quality scaffold solutions.